Milk Chocolate Easter Nests

Milk chocolate Easter nests are something of a tradition in our house and this is how I make mine.

To make 12 nests you will need;

200 g  milk chocolate

1 heaped desert spoon of butter ( I’m not big on measuring if I don’t have to and this rough amount works for me, if you need a number I’d go for 25 g.)

1 desert spoon of golden syrup

4 shredded wheat

I like to use mini eggs and only put 2 in each nest , so, you’ll need 24 of these.

Break up the chocolate and put it in a heat proof bowl along with the butter and golden syrup, put the bowl over a pan of hot, not boiling, water.

Don’t over heat this, gently warm, stirring the chocolate, as soon as it’s melted and combined take the bowl off the hot water.

Crumble the shredded wheat into the chocolate mixture, making sure to crush any large lumps. Mix well, then dollop out 12 heaps onto a non stick sheet. I really like the reusable Teflon cooking mats for this sort of thing.

Make a dip in the middle of each one and put in your eggs. You don’t need to be neat and they do hold together once cooled.

I don’t put these into the fridge as this makes the mini eggs sweat, just leave them in a cool place and they will set, if they don’t get eaten first.



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