When you just can’t find the right card

We received a lovely party invitation and I wanted to reply in kind. I quickly came to the realization that if I wanted the right sentiment I would have to make it myself.

So here it is, my very own We would love to attend card. 

I was inspired by a beautiful card with the word love written in scrabble letters. Once I got home, out came the little one’s wooden blocks.

I stated by trying to use just large blocks but was missing a couple of letters. I ended up swapping out a few large blocks for small ones. I feel that it works with the random, fun vibe I was going for. As usually happens I spent ages playing with the layout and ended up going with the second photograph I had taken.

In photo shop I didn’t do much to the photograph other than gray scale it and, in the image section, go to adjust, and change the brightness and contrast so that it was still legible once I had re-sized it.

Printing on paper was not up to scratch, so, out came the photo paper. I only use inexpensive photo paper from the supermarket but it makes a big difference to the clarity. The image on the right is on photo paper the one on the left is on plain paper.

It was then just a case of taping it into an aperture card, I use tape as glue buckles the card and you don’t have to wait for tape to dry.

I love aperture cards, this one is a Papermania 240 GSM square card 13.5 cm x 13.5 cms. I always have a stash set aside, they are so handy and mean I can whip up a very smart, personalized, heartfelt card in next to no time.

So, have fun playing with toys.


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