Valentine Love From Norwich

Norwich seems to be embracing the spirit of Valentines and making a simple request. I don’t like to disappoint, so here I am spreading the word with a few photographs taken this weekend.

More that one shop has this very direct message on display, with which I wholeheartedly agree “Share The Love”.

I find this unsanctioned out pouring of love quite beautiful.
Illicit Love

I find this unsanctioned out pouring of love quite beautiful. The voluptuous, curvy script used by the unknown spray-can messenger, on a wall just off St Benedict’s Street, helps to convey perfectly the simple but profound sentiment.

Big hearts showing the big love from The Grosvenor Fish Bar on Lower Goat Lane, Norwich
Big hearts showing their big love.

The Grosvenor Fish on Lower Goat Lane, is one of my favourite places to stop in Norwich. Their battered gherkins are a joyous experience, I recommend adding a lunch break here to anyone’s trip. They’re displaying their love with large illuminated hearts in their windows.

Lust and Liquor on the corner of St Gregory’s Alley and St Benedict’s Street.

I don’t believe I need to justify the inclusion of a little lust and liquor in this rambling love filled post, it’s just there, and hopefully it’ll bring you the same dark grin it brought me whilst photographing it.

Wishing you love and all the extras your heart desires this valentines.


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