Turning a paint spill disaster into an up-cycle triumph?

As with a few of my projects this one starts with an accident. I have a comfortable but not particularly special skirt.

I managed to spill white paint on it which scrubbing and washing has failed to remove.

I could just wear it around the house but I inevitably end up dashing out to the shop or on the school run and I prefer to not be dressed, at least occasionally, as if I’m not constantly redecorating.

As I mentioned the paint would not come off so there it must stay, leaving the only options, to cover it up or work it into a pattern that seems intentional, I went with the later.

The skirt is khaki and the paint I spilt on it white. It only took a few moments to decide that something star like would fit nicely and I liked the idea of a mandala style crescent moon. I sketched a design with tailors chalk until I was happy with the idea and position. I drew around a mug and an egg cup with a permanent marker and white oil paint pen. I added light rays with the aid of a ruler.

With the use of a glass to mark out the curves, I continued to add fine details with the permanent marker and splashes of extra paint tied it all together wonderfully.

You can still see the chalk marks, but here it is at the end of this first stage with a completed paint layer, or so I thought.

Unfortunately I had diluted the paint I used to create the stars too much. The first trip through the washing machine and most of my hard work was undone.

As disheartening as this was it did lead me to decided to add texture and addition detail with embroidery.

So there’s more paint, some embroidering and then another post to come once I’ve completed these final flourishes. May be then I will truly have an up-cycle triumph, fingers crossed.


See the concussion of this project here.

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