The last in a long line or I love my Scarf.

The last row, I’ve finally finished!!!

I only say that because it’s taken me about two years not because it’s been a chore, far from it, I have loved knitting my first scarf.



The pattern is called Logan and came from The Pure Wool Collection by Rowan.



For a large chunk of that two years it has taken me, the knitting languished in the bottom of my wardrobe, having had the needle swiftly removed by my curious toddler.

The really annoying part was when I finally remembered to give it to my mum to be rescued, it took her less then five minuets to restore it.

I had asked mum if she would teach me to knit and she very kindly gave me the book, wool, needles and a lesson for my birthday. Thanks mum.

Despite the needle-ectomy and inordinate length of time it took me, I can’t recommend this pattern highly enough. Bearing in mind that this is the first full blown knitting project I’ve taken on, I’m sooo pleased.

This has to be, for me anyway, the perfect combination of easy to follow pattern, forgiving design and an end result that appears complex enough to impress and encourage.

I see far more knitting in my future, but given the time scale per piece, I don’t think any one will be getting a scarf for Christmas, at least not this year.

If you have a recommended beginner knitting pattern, I would love to hear about it.


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