The conclusion of, Turning a paint spill disaster into an up-cycle triumph?

This project has had it’s ups and downs, but now I really do think I’m getting there. Largely, it has to be said, with thanks to my good friend The Fabric Wrangler, visit her here, who along with her partner in sewing crime, I shouldn’t say that as their sewing is wonderful, organise demonstrations, tutorials and generally great get togethers in Norwich as Norwich Sewcials, you can find them here. One of their most resent gatherings was an embroidery work shop by the lovey Linda. I’d had a bit of a go at hand embellishment before and flicked through pinterest to get ideas for different stitches but there is nothing like sitting next to an expert as she shows you step by step, most inspirational.

Thank you ladies.

And so, back to the skirt. I had the lay out done and the end result firmly in mind all that was left was to get down to the work. I repainted the background and started stitching.

I love the way the stitched light rays have a slight wiggle, perfect.

I’m very pleased with the idea of a mandala style crescent moon, I think it works so well with the style of skirt.

I’m still in two minds as to whether or not I should go over some of the white details with a white thread and maybe add a little, I think I’ll wear it a bit and then see how I feel. I’ve hand washed it but Let’s see how it copes with the washing machine this time, that may decide things for me.


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