Stopping to smell the… flowers.

Walking around Wymondham is usually a pleasure but it is especially lovely at the moment. This is entirely thanks to the hard working gardeners in these here parts. The sensory display is wonderful.

I was not the only one luxuriating the the heavenly honeysuckle. This bush was positively alive with bees, not that they would stay still for a photo, I kind of caught one off guard for the blurred picture below.

The sent coming from this was delicious, I assume it’s a close relation of the hedgerow elder-flower as it smells just like it and has the same plates of tiny flowers but they are displayed beautifully against dark purple lacy leaves.

Please excuse my hand, the wind was quite a hindrance when trying to snap this lone delight sprouting up between a garden wall and the pavement.

The cascade of delicate pink roses against the perfectly maintained dark brown fence was the inspiration for this post. They are hanging outside the garden and so can only be appreciated by the passer by. How generous a gift for those of us that amble around Wymondham. Thank you unknown gardener, these have brightened many a day I’m sure.

So, take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the fruits of our local gardeners labours, with the wind and the rain we are having they will soon fade.

Again, many thanks gardeners, your displays and efforts are very much appreciated.


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