Pretty spring egg with a bow on top

I did say that I would let you see the fruits of my egg blowing labours. So here we are.

To start I used a small jewellery eyelet in the top of all the eggs, these are just glued in place.

For the pink eggs I used hen’s eggs. I filled and sanded the hole made from blowing them. I painted them with Liquitex acrylic in Medium Magenta with a very small amount of Deep Magenta and a tiny splash of water added. It only took 10 thin layers of paint to get a nice finish.

The ribbon on this egg was from my collection of saved pieces, I think it may have even come around an Easter egg I received a couple of years ago from my mum (thanks mum). A bit of cutting and gluing, and here we are.

The small eggs are Quail’s eggs and they are beautiful as is. I filled the hole made from blowing them, sanded and touched that up with acrylic paint. Liquitex, Burnt Umber, to match the brown markings and then varnished them.

I’m very pleased with how they turned out and I really hope they will keep for a good few years, we’ll see.

When it’s hailing outside, Yes Hailing, these are a beautiful reminder that spring will return.


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